We’re here for you, girl.

Welcome to Entire Desire’s new blog, thank you for visiting and we hope you find what you’re looking for! We are here to keep you up to date with all the latest fashion trends, celebrity gossip, give you fashion ideas and to guide you into being THE BEST YOU through your outfit choices!

Just to give you a bit of history… Entire Desire was founded in 2017. We firmly believe in giving our girls what they want: affordable, fashionable clothing and footwear that you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for! Now we don’t like the word cheap – but price wise, we are that fashion company that keep our prices low just for you. Not only are we mega affordable but our team are highly dedicated to keeping up to date with all the latest fashion trends making sure our products have you gals bang on trend and feeling like your best you.

Gossip wise, I mean, who doesn’t want celeb gossip? They inspire us more than we know from their quirks to the clothing we wear every day (and, let’s face it, their lives can be A LOT more entertaining than ours). As a company we do not only look to the catwalk for fashion ideas but we look to celebrities because of their mass amount of influence! Yeah they’re high on that fashion food chain (Miranda Priestly, thank you for explaining that for us) but, don’t you worry, honey. We got you some secret ladders to make you shine bright like RiRi. Not only are we going to keep you up to date on the hottest celebrity gossip but we’re even hoping to provide you with a Kardashian/Jenner look of the week, pinning the oh so famous sisters against each other for that Queenie title.

So no matter the reason for your visit to our blog today, whether it be fashion inspo: seeing which heels should go with that little black dress, fetching the latest celebrity gossip: (PLEASE be celebrity babies they’re SO CUTE), or just having a toot around… We hope you enjoy and find what you’re looking for! Keep your eyes peeled for our weekly posts and remember that we are here to help you be the best you.


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